The next inductee to Paris’ Third Try Records is LA-based producer Dylan Chase, also known by the name of Caffeine. Universal Theme, his second release to date, takes shape as a well-rounded four-tracker, furnishing listeners with a fresh and tactile soundtrack to the universe.

Consisting of two original tracks and remixes from Roza Terenzi and SFV Acid respectively, A2’s ‘Aqnoziu’ is an impelling force amongst a set of pumpers. Reminiscent of dolphin noises and night drives, the track creates anticipation and excitement from the get-go with acute acidic bursts, high glassy pads, saccharine pop clips alongside wobbly scrutinising synths. The track explores the cosmos like a excited sniffing puppy, eventually digging so deep into a tunnel of breaks, kicks and claps that it approaches the splendour of the empyrean, transcending into a realm of eternal fire and light.

Universal Theme is out soon on Third Try Records – pre-order from the label.

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