Carlo Maria follows in the footsteps of his compatriot Lory D, crafting a brand of Italian sci-fi techno he can call his own. Back on Brutaz after a debut for the Polish label close to three years ago, the Milanese producer returns polished and matured, his sound refined, close listens revealing a level of nuance previously unheard.

Occupying Doppio‘s A2 slot, the immersive ‘Fast Backwards’ is a far cry from that hulking techno heard on Maria’s previous effort. Synths crystalline in a previous life are manipulated with swathes of FX – warped and wrangled, the ominous soundscape brewing grows in intensity with every passing breath. Where there once seemed no immediate threat a sense of impending doom slowly amplifies, hanging heavy in the air. The undying beat of the kick only serving to ramp up suspense, a trance-state ensues as you await the inevitable.

Doppio is out now on Brutaz – pre-order the vinyl here.

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