Scandinavia, once home to Europe’s healthiest social democracies, has a long history of producing some of the continents unhealthiest sounds. From the frostbitten bleakness of Norwegian Black Metal in the nineties, to the output of labels like Northern Electronics and Posh Isolation today – music that is often very beautiful, yet cold, sparse, melancholy, like the landscapes it has emerged from. The likes of Loke Rahbek and Varg are highly accomplished young upstarts when compared to Anders Karlsson, however: a veteran of the Swedish underground since the 1980s, releasing under multiple names, including Celldöd, with a global spread of influences from US techno, to British industrial, via Krautrock.

All of this shows on ‘Res Digg Up’, as does Karlsson’s history in the scene: the track is a straight-up EBM bruiser bearing all the best hallmarks of the genre: so-unfunky-it’s-funky tightness, cold and clinical repetition, smeared, distorted barks for vocals. Straight off a cassette that’s out soon on Antonio‘s Smashing Tape Records, it’s one for donning some leather in a dark basement to.

Korruption is out September 4th on Smashing Tape Records – pre-order direct from the label.

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