It might sound cliché, in fact it is, massively, but music really does have the power to bring people together. With an impending release set to joins dots between Dublin and Belfast, Computer Controlled Records will show that despite tensions over topics like the Republic of Ireland–United Kingdom border still present to this very day, many are willing to rise above political and religious tribalism in the name of something positive. Don’t expect to see the DUP and Sinn Féin breaking bread on the back of it, but the Computer Controlled debut for Dublin-based producer Cignol can serve as a big middle finger to the naysayers that would rather see this world burn.

Averaging one release a year, Cignol distances himself from the emotive electro of recent outings for the opening track on his Hidden Galaxies EP. Fitting for a label fascinated with the more turbulent sounds of the American Midwest, ‘Final Approach’ is a severe 303-driven cut laden with dramatic, dystopian atmospheres and a snappy arrangement of clap, snare and hi-hat. Let the scribbling acid line lead you on a descent into Cignol’s subterranean lair.

The Hidden Galaxies EP is out next month on Computer Controlled Records.

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