To quote the horoscope for Libras as we enter May, “light a candle and meditate with the intention of releasing old painful baggage… Creating a ritual out of your intention can make you feel powerful, and that’s what magic is all about.” It’s also sound advice for setting the vibe as you press play on this new Beta Librae remix for Kalahari Oyster Cult. True to the label’s name, there’s an occultish quality to the New Yorker’s stripped-back, rolling rework of Cleveland‘s ‘Gamma’, as the low-end rumbles under chiming, chilly melodies.

Here, as astrology meets the cultic, we might reach a techno-spirituality necessary for electronic music fans and dancers in lockdown. Dim the lights and embrace a home-bound ritual, because while Gamma beautifully supports an ethereal and meditative mindset, it won’t be long before its working bass-bins and bodies in the power and magic of a communal space.

Gamma is out May 13th on Kalahari Oyster Cult | Pre-order here

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