Hard Beach Entertainment is back, stirring up more memories of Detroit and the Midwest. Lauded offerings of electro, breaks, ghettotech and hard house have earned the Parisian label a plenty of attention recently and now they return with some sombre programming, this time more in the vein of Drexciya than Deeon.

Details surrounding The Mindfuck EP, a debut (or one-off) from Corporation Mindfuck, are sparse or guarded, giving us little to decode – the most in-depth information accompanying the release concerns the Sombrero Galaxy; “an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo located 31 million light-years from Earth”.

We find ourselves in eerie and familiar terrain, however: the EP layers foggy, melancholic pads and subtle synth motifs over unrelenting, precision-clipped drum machines, rendering something akin to the most naval gazing of the Sheffield Bleep movement or perhaps a subdued Detroit In Effect. Early Warp artists like B12 and the Black Dog swim in the background, with aspects of the ambient work on [the Dutch] ESP Records present. Obviously a debt to James Stinson’s manifold groups and omnipresent work is also owed, particularly his Elecktroids outfit.

Exhibiting the tone perfectly for us here is ‘M104’, featuring in some capacity the brilliant, genre-mashing S.O.N.S – perhaps tweaking production, perhaps simply laying down sinister vocals which emphasise “this is a CORPORATE MINDFUCK” (no doubt a reference to Discordianism). For fans of electro and nostalgia.

The Mindfuck EP is out June 5th on Hard Beach Entertainment – pre-order the vinyl here.

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