Rome has long been the bastion for dark Italian techno and if Lory D lit the torch, artists like Donato Dozzy and Giorgio Gigli have carried it high for the past decade. In the northern reaches of the country, however, another beacon has been lit. Less than a year old, Milanese label UN.T.O. has been traversing harsh and unforgiving terrain with releases from familiar faces and emerging artists alike. Enlisting the services of another Italian in Cosimo Damiano, the label seems determined to provide home-grown talent with a platform.

Where Damiano has previously gone full-throttle, Our Better Selves finds him dialling down the tempo. Choosing detail over intensity, melodic flourishes on ‘Iced Ashes’ are given room to breathe as glacial synths cut to the bone like gusts of artic wind and the arpeggiating acid line grows in mass. Brittle but finely-tuned, the drum patterns are more structured than the broken rhythms found elsewhere on the record, but any freakiness lost is delivered in spades through Damiano’s nebulous 303s.

Our Better Selves is out December 21st on UN.T.O Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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