The acolytes of the Cosmic Rhythm have returned with another open invitation to wander the interior of their otherworldly soundscapes. Whilst their first outing was a humid trek through sultry jungle paths where DMT oozes from the leaves of tropical trees, the second release is a twilight rendezvous with indiscernible shamans brewing ayahuasca beneath the ghostly crescent of a rising moon.

‘Sole Mistico’ bounces along to Cosmic Garden‘s sailing melody. It’s a scintillating trip through a hazy summer’s day, complimented by synesthesia-inducing tinkling that shifts and shuffles across the track’s surface. The 5-note bassline and tumbling bongo drums tighten the rhythm up, counterbalancing the rise and fall of the airy synth work; all of which will please fans of the Vancouver sound propagated by labels like Mood Hut.

Sole Mistico is out early November on Cosmic Rhythm – pre-order the vinyl here.

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