What Grandmaster Flash and Credit 00‘s latest release have in common isn’t immediately clear without understanding how early hip hop and electro are inextricably linked. Paying tribute to his roots, specifically growing up on a diet of breakdance and graffiti, the Rat Life Records boss joins those dots on his Out The Flat debut.

Metronomic but funky, with overdriven basslines that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Viewlexx record, ‘Broken Glass Everywhere’ is a tribute to both North American and Dutch electro traditions. The title is fitting too – it references lyrics from Grandmaster Flash’s conscious electro-rap classic, ‘The Message’ – but that’s where the connections end. A ripper of a track, you’re far more likely to hear it in some low-ceilinged basement than blasting out of a B-boy’s boombox.

The Rejects EP is out November 1st on Out The Flat – pre-order here 

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