One of the reasons I turned to electronic music was to get away from the affectations of bands: the stage(d) performances that prescribe applause, the try-hard outfits, the over-souled lyricism. But what did I lose on the way? Is the joy of co-creation lost in that shift from the collective of musicians to a lone bedroom producer?

Improvisational jazz groups are one of the finest examples of human brilliance, exhibiting telepathic synergy and experimental spontaneity in equal measure. But what about in electronic music? Projects like Circle of Live, Soulstatejazz and the Slow Life house band build this element of surprise into their techno, taking cues from the live-devoted Detroit originators of Underground Resistance and its affiliates. The thrill of hearing these groups arises from their extemporisation and the negotiation of minds, bodies and sounds in real space-time.

The latest 12″ on xpq?, the quizzical side-outlet of D.Tiffany and Special Guest DJ, picks up where the label’s inaugural release left off. Like Ghostride The DriftCritical Amnesia is the product of a live session. With OL, Vtgnike, Perila, exael, Huerco S. and Special Guest DJ himself involved, its titles formed by initialisms of the players appearing on each track – our pick, 0DSN₁, is the handiwork of Oleg Danila Sasha and Naemi, AKA, OL, Vtgnike, Perila and exael. The result is a snapshot of the loosey-goosey, late-night-into-early-morning jams frequently conjured by the Berlin-based crew. Noise. Delay. Fuzz. Beats. Bearing all the hallmarks of a live band in full-flow, it’s a hypnotic exercise in fractal manipulation.

Critical Amnesia is out August 10th on xpq? | Pre-order here

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