12th Isle is back with another lesson in out-there excellence guaranteed to be doing bits for Glaswegian label’s “buy-on-sight” reputation. Touching down for the first time on ISLE002, Cru Servers‘ brand of mind-melting gloop resurfaces on Inkosi. The pearl in the crown of another coveted disk from the Scots that sees the likes of Nikolaienko, Grim Lusk, Robert Bergman and Luar Domatrix sharing the same wax.

‘Henge Salt Phrasal’ closes out a muggy and atmospheric A-side. An electrical storm needling its way through dense fog and clearing the air for a bit more chug on the B. Hefty toms pummel deep welts into the very fabric of the track and ageless voices cry out from the void. This is music to wrest you from the deepest of trances. Music for re-entry into the rich world of the night.

Inkosi is out October 9th on 12th Isle – pre-order here.

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