The world’s most isolated major city Perth is hardly renowned as a hub for electronic music. Since July of this year, however, Michael Raw has been taking strides to expand the city’s sphere of influence and create a platform for local musicians. His label Cosi Cosi has provided an outlet to do just that, serving up an EP from Tim Loughman AKA Basic Mind for the debut, with an eponymously titled EP from local duo Czechowski landing later this month.

Distant and transportive, today’s premiere doesn’t seems to be inspired by the sounds of Perth’s sandy beaches and suburbs, but a more exotic, ethereal part of the universe. Music provides the escape for many Australian suburbanites and ‘Rube’ certainly appears to fit in with that trend. Embellished with bongos, celestial synths and a repetitive hypnotic melody, the track gradually builds to a captivating finale. Soft, paddy and primal, it’s calming and soporific in the best possible way.

Czechowski is out November 14th on Cosi Cosi Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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