Cloak-and-dagger manoeuvres from the southern reaches of Italy, Cosmic Rhythm‘s latest outing surfaces from a classified source. A slew of releases rooted in the sounds of sci-fi-indebted house testify to a commitment to pushing music in keeping with label’s name, and while the origin of the latest record remains somewhat unknown, it takes this formula to dizzying new heights.

The opening track typifies this ever-expanding sense of intrigue – channelling UR’s ‘Jupiter Jazz’ but with the thrusters on full, accelerated percussion ushers astral melodies into hyperspace. Injecting vitality but always held within the groove, the synth work on ‘Odissey’ illuminates dancefloors and the subconscious like a solar flare.

Elements is out September 3rd on Cosmic Rhythm – pre-order the vinyl here.

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