Between 2010 and 2017, Dervisis was known as Kid Flicks. An outlet to demonstrate his fancy for experimental pop, the London-based artist has since ditched the emotive stylings of his past in favour of heavier, lower-body-activating sounds, while thankfully retaining melodic sophistication and a joyful pop sensibility.

His third EP in as many years under the new moniker represents yet another shift in identity. It progresses from four-to-the-floor focus to a sound that references steamy reggaeton, twirling techno and blissed-out balearic in the same breath. With devious time-sequence-flouting moments, airy ambience and bouncing beat, ‘BAL-ς’ is a nugget of floaty, intelligent digi-dancehall that more than matches the genre’s current reigning figure-head, DJ Python; one can only hope to see this micro-scene of technical reggaeton riddim-makers continue to grow.

The English translation reading “acacia flowers”, Akθάλασσαإيقاعات slots nicely into the Eclipse Tribez back catalogue. With recent jungle mixtapes and an oddball gabber-exploring release from Actapulgite, the Brussels-based label has made serious moves to re-direct the flow of the hardcore continuum, and it’s fascinating to see Dervisis, AKA that former cutesy pop-merchant, muscle his way into this ruder realm.

Akθάλασσαإيقاعات is out June 8th on Eclipse Tribez | Pre-order here

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