Australian label A Colourful Storm is just that: a whirlwind that whips all the sounds in its path into an airborne pirouette resembling the flurry of cows and furniture in that absurd Wizard of Oz tornado sequence. Occasionally, they fall back to ground in the form of lusciously presented vinyl releases. In their four year tenure, they have put out the Raresh-endorsed minimal rippers of Klon Dump, AKA Mark, the shoe-gawping jangle pop of Blueboy and the downright threatening breakbeat science of Christoph de Babalon.

Which way will the wind blow next? France is the answer, and the dark ambient dirge of Désaccord Majeur is its debris. Its auteur, Jérôme Mauduit, belonged to a global scene of post-industrial producers that boasted the likes of Muslimgauze, O Yuki Conjugate, Jorge Reyes and Zoviet France. Renowned for outernational approaches to listening and borderless music-making processes, noisy ambience and primal percussion became vectors for cultural coalescence within these circles.

Placed at the border between sound art and a burgeoning rave scene, Mauduit’s work holds the intellectual curiosity of 33.3rpm sludge-monger Vladimir Ivkovic; the Belgradian first tipped the label onto Majeur’s music and accordingly provides the record’s liner notes. He rightly says this music was “never made to please anyone beyond the place it was made.” With its Darth Vader-style respiratory cycle, joined gradually by bleeping loops, an elephantine bassline and a fuzzy flute melody, ‘Sat’ feels like a very personal meditation, inducing a trance-state that will be familiar to Ivkovic fans.’ M.O.E.R.’ and the EP’s title track follow suit, offering groove where you least expect it, in amongst a raincloud of strange samples. This is a storm worth weathering.

Sunquake is out now on A Colourful Storm | Buy it here

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