After a string of cassettes, LPs and 12-inches over the past decade or so, the latest record, entitled Trick State Gesture, sees Design A Wave‘s freshly forged EP on Dublin’s Major Problems delve into a world of nuanced, intricately woven electro. We’ve rather excitedly gotten our mitts on an exclusive premiere, with the titular A1 cut embedded just below.

Kicking things off are some classically implemented breaks, inflected very subtly with underlying squelches of synthesised bass. ‘Trick State Gesture’s gradually ascending melody builds in intensity as new layers to the song’s dimension come into play: reverb-laden tones punctuate its most intriguing moments, and lend the whole affair a genuine sense of soothing playfulness. As things approach full swing, it becomes quite clear that Design A Wave has a fantastic knack for crafting joyous, immaculately constructed and highly idiosyncratic electronic jams.

Trick State Gesture is out now on Major Problems – buy it direct from the label.

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