Given the fast pace of life in Tel Aviv, Malka Tuti‘s modus operandi seems slightly out of character. Drawing in elements of no wave, industrial, middle eastern psych and techno, the unhurried approach taken on most releases to date provides a stark contrast to their day-to-day surroundings. A label where locals artists (Xen, Yovav Arzi and 6-piece outfit, The Kloom) rub shoulders with overseas talent (Khidja and J.A.K.A.M), the globetrotting curation continues with the sixth release as Aussie duo Kris Baha and Dreems unveil their new project, Die Orangen.

Taking the slow-burning formula and running with it, title track ‘Oodnadatta Rain’ cloaks a measured, half-time groove with shadowy new age mysticism typical of Malka Tuti. Fabrizio Mammarella‘s remix, on the other hand, plunges the label into uncharted territory. Offering more immediate thrills, the didgeridoo and brooding rainforest FX make way for drums reminiscent of early Belgian experimentations in electronic music. If Die Orangen’s 10-minute opus resembles the bewitching soundtrack to a rain dance in the bush, the Mammarella remix transports you to mid-’80s Antwerp.

Oodnadatta Rain is out December 19th on Malka Tuti – pre-order the vinyl here.

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