We have Lo Kindre and 12th Isle’s Fergus Clark to thank for putting us onto fellow Glaswegian Murray Collier. A recent interview found them both bigging Collier up as one to watch on the local scene, giving both his Dip Friso and Grim Lusk aliases a little namedrop in the process. Heady, muggy and tangled, a 2018 debut from the latter dabbled in dub and lo-fi electronics, but things are comparatively pleasant and lithe on a return to his Real Landscape label as Dip Friso.

Billowing forward on aerated woodwind, title track ‘Blue Metal’ feels like its undulating from the bass notes right the way through to the hi-hat swathed in tape hiss and decay. With liner notes paying respect to the “Whadjuk people of the Nyoongar nation,” an Aboriginal tribe with spiritual association to the land, it’s music you can meditate on the impact of Western colonialism to.

Blue Metal is out April 28th on Real Landoscape – pre-order here.

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