A fledgling talent, Lochlan Denholm, AKA Disrute, has an aptitude for fusing techno-tinged machine music with the melodious synth textures typical of new age and new wave. Cutting his teeth with appearances on Antipodean EBM and industrial authority, Power Station, the blueprint gradually being established suggests a producer polished and mature beyond his years. It’s a quality on show once again as Denholm makes his Common Thread debut.

Featured alongside tracks from Orestt, Markus Gibb and Balaban, ‘SAMOS F-1’ capitalises on the duality of light and dark, tension and release. A feeling of unease builds like the gathering of storm clouds – the sense of anticipation palpable, something ominous hangs in the air. Once unleashed, everything bottled up spills out in a deluge heavy on drama, the dense, brooding atmospherics only offset by a radiant synth motif introduced halfway.

Eight is out June 15th on Common Thread Records – pre-order direct from the label.

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