Liner notes for the latest A Colourful Storm release raise the question on where the label would be without Uli Rehberg, AKA Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg. The German has been a prime influence, not only for artistic output, but for releasing the likes of Throbbing Gristle and SPK on his Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien imprint.

Rehberg has been right at the forefront of Germany’s industrial avant-garde scene since the ’80s, and as superlatives go, enigmatic and esoteric immediately spring to mind – rumour has it he might even be the brains behind venerated band Werkbund. He’s never been afraid to take the difficult or absurdist route – see the satirical Dr. Kurt Euler alias, where his persona is based around the spokesperson for an imagined political party – and those same sensibilities are grafted to the latest release.

The product of years spent researching sound and electro-acoustic music, Weisheit aus des Kindes Mund tut uns stets die Wahrheit kund is a tribute of sorts to Rehberg’s children. No attempt to temper or curb avant-garde tendencies is made as their spoken-word musings become mired in a swamp of sonic detritus and metallurgic atmospherics.

Weisheit aus des Kindes Mund tut uns stets die Wahrheit kund is out May 10th on A Colourful Storm | Pre-order here

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