Hey fellow electronics enthusiast; have you ever wanted to play ball? Feel the sensation of that dribble-dribble-push move beneath your sweaty fingers? No good at sports? Then this new slab on Berlin’s Rebound Lounge might be the closest you come to practically making an aural slam dunk for your soul. DJ Dog, AKA world renown baller DJ Fett Burger, and Double Dancer are back on the courts with their third instalment into the sports-themed 12” series.

Based of the sneak-peak we’ve been given of their first play, they’ve certainly been practicing and keeping limber. ‘Banana Cut’ comes through with a decidedly loose-as-a-goose attitude, arms wide and swinging to cover the whole position in the house. Plenty of open hi-hat bangin’ and side stick jamming to accompany the endlessly filtering synth towel layers and electrolyte-infused arps, a home team’s wild intro music into the game, stuck on repeat as the mascot (perhaps a dog? a stack of wax?) goes absolutely crazy about getting that ball in the hole.

Rebound Lounge 3 is out mid August.

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