DJ Meddle‘s Edited Arts debut has a particularly spatial feel to it. Most of the tracks, playing like spectral impressions of club constructions, are transitory, ephemeral, fleeting. Skeletal iterations of familiar tropes, a warped approach distorts the listener’s perception of space. Beyond Shame, Any Second flips conventions on their head, tapping into feelings of disorientation and displacement.

At just over 15 minutes, ‘Twenty Five Four’ is the exception. Recorded in one-take, vocals from Turkish, Port-based researcher and artist Ece Canlı sit atop a cavernous instrumental, occupying the space between opaque and ethereal. Growing in intensity, Canlı‘s haunting presence evolves from ghostly outline to  beguiling, tangible apparition.

Beyond Shame, Any Second is out October 13th on Edited Arts | Pre-order here

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