Belfast’s Computer Controlled Records, the vinyl-only label which focuses on putting out house, techno and electro jams in the vein of classic Chicago and Detroit sounds, find themselves delivering an exciting fourth release thanks to Jeroen Warmenhoven, AKA DJ Overdose.  The Don’t Get Burned EP will see release in December but we have the privilege of being able to premiere its riveting A1 cut just below.

Exhibiting the Dutchman’s knack for a jacking 4×4 approach, ‘Blue Flame’ is well equipped for the club in more ways than one. Its initial rhythm breaks down into a prolonged suite of acid sounds, ultimately paving the way for a second melodic movement; what starts off as an entirely functional dance track eventually morphs into something deeper, with a euphoric, swaying conclusion guaranteed to take your breath away.

The Don’t Get Burned EP is out December 2nd on Computer Controlled Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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