Joining dots between towns with a shared tradition of menacing electro, RotterHague Records return with part three of the split EP series, When Cities Collide. Naturally, it all began with the label’s namesakes, which alongside Sheffield, happen to be Europe’s foremost exponents of the genre – getting things underway with a searing 12″, Rotterdam-based label founder DJ Overdose and The Hague’s DJ Technician laid down a marker with that inaugural release. Taking us back to where it all began, it seemed fitting that DJ Maaco of Detroit In Effect would then appear on the second instalment.

Sporting a pair of heaters from North American duo Lithium Parasites, a third is set to drop, but like its predecessors, it isn’t a RotterHague release without Overdose taking control of one side. Opening proceedings with the severe dystopian grit of ‘Ens Realissimum’ (roughly translating to “the most real being”), it serves, like a lot of Dutch electro, as a meeting-place for horror and sci-fi themes – not only does the synth lead give shades of Giallo but synapse-firing arpeggios evoke the 1’s and 0’s of binary. Ominous electronics from the Backstabber Basement.

When Cities Collide III is out today on RotterHague Records – buy the vinyl here.

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