Following several years where releases were few and far between, the Model Man is now officially in overdrive. Churning them out at an impressive rate, efforts for revered institutions Viewlexx and L.I.E.S. and newer outlets like Rotterdam’s Pinkman imprint are in good company as DJ Overdose inaugurates Budapest-based label, Dalmata Daniel. Born from the coming together of like-minded souls, the 05 Poly 800 Loop EP sees two worlds collide as the harsh electro rhythms of the Netherlands mingle with the evocative experimentalism of Hungarian electronic music.

Accompanied by remixes from two of Budapest’s own in Lobster Theremin stalwart S Olbricht and the 12z collective, Overdose’s originals carry the same foreboding energy that courses through the rest of his back catalogue. Despite brimming with unnerving melodies courtesy of the Korg Poly-800, those looking for something danceable aren’t found wanting – sure, there’s a prevailing sense of gloom, but reverb-soaked drums and an overdriven low-end transform ‘That’s Right’ into a bottom-heavy groover.

The 05 Poly 800 Loop EP is out now – Buy from Juno or Bordello A Parigi.

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