Time To Be Alive is a new EP from Candomblé, the Dusseldorf-based label and If-Only favourite named after an Afro-Brazilian religious ritual. But rather than professing to a golden era in our culture and civilisation, perhaps its title is more of a call to arms: now is the time to come alive. We must wake from our collective walking-death, and dance to the acidic, trancey yet whimsical sounds of this weird, West German collective.

DJ Ungel (fresh from turning out a stunning mix for us) and newcomer Instrumensch both feature, but it’s the track from the Russian-born DJ Rasputin, AKA Gregor Darman premiering today. If you want the intense goa experience while nodding ’80s jazz-funk and new wave, then look no further. After 4 minutes of a careering trance groove, slapped bass slithers into the mix: the kooky cherry on top of a record that is at once epic and ridiculous.

Darman explores ’80s wave-esque stylings elsewhere – his Phaserboys project with fellow Candomblé member Aki Vierboom being a prime example – and it’s a joy to hear these two worlds collide on ‘Liquid Shrimps’. It is just the anachronistic slap-in-the-face required to jolt a listener into life.

Time To Be Alive is out June 1st on Candomblé | Pre-order here

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