Hard Beach Entertainment take their cue from the American midwest, previously citing Chicago’s brazen Dance Mania outfit as a major influence. Moving onto a third 12″, the Parisian label hasn’t had to look too far afield, turning attention towards Detroit, another great bastion of American dance music located less than 300 miles away. A graduate of the Electrifying Mojo’s Midnight Funk Association radio show, the only previous DJ SCSI release came in the shape of a Kraftwerk-referencing 12″ on the now defunct D-Bass Records, but HBE called on the man to excavate four never-before-heard tracks from his dusty archives.

Hard Beach is fast becoming a reliable outlet for music imbued with a fuck-off attitude and the tracks chosen have a lot more in common with those aforementioned Dance Mania releases than the politicised techno of Underground Resistance, Juan Atkins’ cybernetic productions, or even that long-forgotten SCSI debut. ‘Lapdanz’ takes this further than the other three, yielding a sense of raw immediacy rather than the immersive, heads down qualities prevalent in a lot of Detroit electro.

Heavy on repetition – whether via looping vocal samples or the electro framework – subtle shifts are left feeling seismic. Razor-edged breaks are deployed in preference to boxy, overdriven snares, with a lurching electro bassline only adding to the forward propulsion. In case you were wondering, we have no idea who CT is, or what his/her contribution was to the track. None of that matters though. In the words of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, this is “real rockin’ raw shit” straight out the D!

The Ghetto Tech Seven EP is out now in 12″ format – buy it from Juno.

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