Merriware is a fresh out of the box vinyl affair, kicking things off with an machine-driven ensemble that includes If-Only regular Rudolf C, DJ Sting, Pascal and Lou Karsh. Melbourne-based readers may have also caught their recent launch party on the 30th at Boney, which looks to have been the sort locals will be kicking themselves for missing.

Lingering somewhere around the sunken euphoria of Giegling, the EP fires off 4 contemplative live jams to satisfy and dazzle the introspective dancers. DJ Sting and Pascal’s ‘DJ Sting Going Deep’ lives up to its promise, delivering a luxuriously atmospheric number where a Leon Vynehall-esque looping vocal subtly sails beneath the undulating synths – a defining trope throughout the EP. The pitter-patter drum work helps shed the sleepy waves, turning this into a track that will work nicely at the 6AM afterparty and get the dancers moving in the earlier hours.

If you’re hungry for more, check out DJ Sting’s ‘Sex Box 13/08’ mix, which was apparently recorded with police knocking at the door of the warehouse. Our kind of guy.

MWARE001 is out on October 17th – Pre-order the vinyl here.

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