Duncan Thornley is no stranger to the electronic scene. Best known for his work as one half of experimental, metal-flecked duo Weird Weather, he’s pumped out releases over a 7-year duration, gracing established and fledgling labels alike. Going Good and [Emotional] Especial count amongst more the illustrious names, and we can’t forget to mention the nascent Whip + Lash imprint he co-runs, but Thornley now seeks pastures new.

Hopping into bed with Glasgow’s Invisible, Inc., the Londoner brings a fully formed LP under newly established alias, Double Geography. Liner notes establish the idea of Balearica can being a potential a hotbed for “insipid, mediocre coffee table ‘lounge music'”, but Thornley confidently sidesteps any pitfalls of insipidity. Indicative of his background as an audio engineer, ‘Dracaena’s verdant, mist-wrapped melody flows languidly between puckered tangles of marimba like sunlight poking through the canopy.

The Indoor Gardner is out July 27th on Invisible, Inc. | Pre-order here

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