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The beacons have been lit! Stuck in Berlin on a classic work experience stint, Glasgow expats add this beautiful record in rhapsodical fashion to the ever-growing discography of Pace Yourself. In a brief departure from the salient club-like format encapsulated by the brilliant YS, close comrade Dream_E steps in all wide-eyed for an after hours service. Behold, Dreams on 22.

Inducing feelings of pink laser beams, introspection and better times with a comprehensive rewiring of the hippocampus, ‘DreamOne’ brings a sensitive dosage of the beauty and melancholy needed at the after hours. Dream_E gives Gerry and The Pacemakers a total run for their money with this Super Sunday soundtrack. Upon rotation at the appropriate hour, it possess the head-turning properties of rejuvenation amidst the company of a room of depleted souls. A particularly interesting switch up in sound by a young Glasweigan who’d previously appeared on Craigie Knowes as The Burrell Connection. Keine Anmeldgung.

Dreams On 22 is out soon on Pace Yourself | Pre-order here

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