Techno Man’s Land is many things: it’s an imagined video game soundtrack; an ode to the bedroom-genesis of DIY electronic music production; possibly even a coming of age moment for Emmanuel Corre’s E-Talking alias.

After the best part of a year gathering digital dust – the tracks were written between 2018 and 2019 – it now emerges on a Brian not Brian and Sal Z’s Going Good imprint as a super limited CD release, complete with Assembler Code on mastering duties and artwork from Atelier Superplus. If 2018’s split effort on AD23 (FKA Whities) whet a few appetites, this is the much-anticipated main course.

Also one half of Nummer, the album plays like a distillation of where his head is when rolling solo. The French producer experiments with the mechanics of groove, administers an exercises in dancefloor hypnosis and conjures moments of lysergic ambience over the 15-track duration. All underpinned by an exploratory spirit that never wavers, the sonorous ‘Experimental Psychosis’ shows Corre at his most psychedelic.

Techno Man’s Land is out January 1st on Going Good | Pre-order here

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