A multifaceted team if there ever was one, the Parisian collective that form Les Yeux Orange have certainly been busy over the last few years. Having found fame in their regular parties in the French capital; the collective then also became known for their highly sought after releases on Good Plus, with their podcast/radio show series only strengthening this reputation. Following on from two strong debut releases from Wav Fuzz and N.Stal, LYO#003 sees the collective looking to Rhythm Section Polish power couple Bartosz Kruczyński & Adam Brocki (aka Earth Trax and Newborn Jr.) of Sax and Flute fame for their third release.

From the sultry Italo swung basslines of ‘Hypnosis’ to the reverberous soundscapes of ‘Nemesis’ the whole EP is drenched in an ’80s warm analogue saturation that feels all the more zeitgeisty given the release of Stranger Things Series 2. A2’s ‘Mirage’ appears in the distance with dreamy wind chimes and whooshing plinks against soft syncopated kicks and glitching beeps. Claps with heavy reverb trails and crunching basslines against sporadic hi-hats are the order of the day as one shot cowbells occasionally interject. A weaving composition later invites synthesised lead melodies that call and response against the bass, as soulful arp-like tones glissade against wubbing sub growls before it the ‘Mirage’ trails off into the ether.

The Mirage EP is out now on Les Yeux Orange – buy it direct from the label.

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