The process of ‘orogenesis’ is a reconfiguration of tectonic plates via magnetic manipulation. As our various home worlds are mined of their mineral blood, turned husk and dust by over-extraction and categorised as “post-biological,” it will take a keen synthesis of human scientific knowledge and superior mechanical means in order to manipulate its depleted lands into the necessary biospheres we wish to subsist upon and thrive within.

It would seem that TerraFirm, a subsidiary branch of Philly-based multi-locational future tech and sub surface tone provider Is/Was, now offers this service with their third partner Earthman. Orogenesis is the first known process to come from the Earthman sphere, and it delivers the peaks and valleys of which it claims to conjure.

The four-tracker functions as a portfolio of deep, bio-electro tekkers; a precise blueprint to attract precious metals and build mountain ranges out of sheer magnetism. Our sampling up for offer is A2’s cerebral ‘Radiant Bio Energy Field’. The most bare and focused track of the release, it’s the sound of highly-advanced geo mapping software scanning a planet to its core.

Orogenesis is out early June on TerraFirm – pre-order here.

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