Shed, Delta Funktionen, Intergalactic Gary, Skatebård: these are just a few of the names the Spazio Social Club has hosted since its inception. Another former guest, Stockholm’s Edmundy, first appeared on our radar via the iconic Börft Records. More than a year has passed since the Opal Eyes EP first saw light of day, and bludgeoning like a sledgehammer, Edmundy’s fourth release to date should see his stock rise even further amongst fans of piercing and percussive techno.

Operating out of the multi-cultural melting pot that is Malmö, label arm Spazio Records will likely serve as a platform for a whole spectrum of sounds over the coming releases. Today, however, we have the distinct pleasure of bringing you the opener from their impending Stag Beetle EP.

‘Acorn’ slowly unfurls around Edmundy’s white-hot drum loops – arpeggiating basslines, distant chords and a medley of oddball electronics grow from a simmer to a boil, ramping up the intensity in increments. Enter the final sequences and it seems like the track has undergone a rapid course of anabolic steroids, emerging the other side bigger and brawnier than ever before.

Stag Beetle is out October 28th on Spazio Records – pre-order it here.

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