Highly unusual and exciting would be one way to describe the latest release on Broken Call Records. In fact, mystery artist, Eduardo Unz’s Dicky EP is a much needed breath of fresh air. It breaks away from the familiar sounds that have been all too prevalent these past few years.

Sounding like one of the heroin-influenced mixes created on the fly during one of Ron Hardy’s wild parties at the Muzic Box, this is a substantial, yet mental record. Channelling the experimental philosophy found in funk-injected, ’80s new wave and post-punk or the records you what you would expect to find under the disco not disco section in your local record store. It’s aggressive, trippy and completely in your face. A hard one not to admire. A record, one could definitely recommend to fans of Levan or Hardy’s edits/mixes. It would be hard not to see why, while ‘The Spell’ exudates classic, stripped-down brutal funk rock character, ‘Sleepwalker’ is drowning in inspired weirdness. From the placement of the synths that swirl at you from various directions and the dub version-like reverb and echo on those drums clapping back at you to the robotic drawling vocals. It’s a truly well-made piece of work!

Eduardo Unz’s Dicky EP is out now on Broken Call Records – buy the vinyl here

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