The Positive Education crew, known for their eponymous festival and parties in France, launched Worst Records in 2018. The trio of releases to date came courtesy of crew members, namely Jacques Satre, A Strange Wedding, and Christian Coiffure, but next up is a double LP compilation of throbbing, syrupy dance floor cuts glistening with tranced-out-dubbed-up glazing. Again, Worst Greatest Hits Vol. 1 contains cuts from several Positive Education affiliates, but these are supplemented by sonic infractions from Beesmunt Soundsystem, Gil.Barte, and Eiger Drums Propaganda.

The handiwork of Eiger Drums Propaganda, a solo “Ambiant/Krautrock/Weirdo/Crétin project” from The Pilotwings‘ Louis E Bola, ‘Megalos Technicolor’ opens proceedings. Where a shimmering wilderness of lilting birdsong dispersed over a tundra of echoing laughter and prosaic whisperings, grinding synths rise threateningly from the ground. They sink and submerge into the fabric of the composition as skittering, insect-like percussion populates the rarified atmosphere of the track’s higher altitudes.

We bear witness to the full extent of its depth when the slumbering synth awakens with a bestial, low-frequency growl – settling into an irresistible stomping rhythm, the composition will undoubtedly churn even the most discerning dancefloors. Following the introduction of this perambulatory tempo, focus shifts from the ground below to the air above, an ethereal choir pervading from unknown source as the lens pans away from the grunting beast. Swaying from heat distortion, a macroscopic vista of the horizon comes into view aglow with wraithlike melody, adorned by the frenetic buzz and song of an insect symphony.

Worst Greatest Hits Vol. 1 is out December 14th on Worst Records – pre-order here

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