People say you can find inspiration in anything, even the noise of cars being crushed soundtracking your dinner. Amsterdam’s Eindkrak, for example, is back on Unknown Precept, following up his 2016 contribution to the label’s tape series with a vinyl album entitled Brullend Staal. Roughly translating to “weeping steel,” it’s a mechanised lament for fallen automobiles, inspired by an evening spent in an Italian restaurant while the sounds of a nearby scrap yard filled the air.

Brutalist architecture on the sleeve art is a good indication of the overarching personality of the LP and Eindkrak runs with that theme for the post-industrial, dark room fug of ‘Night-Time Rabbi’. Warped electro that places tumbling synths and discordant electronics alongside volleys of steely percussion and the intermittent mumbling of distorted, indecipherable vocals, it’s quintessential Unknown Precept material. The liner notes suggest listening to the album in full while eating some “nice gnocchi,” but we think guzzling engine oil would be more appropriate.

Brullend Staal is out January 15th on Unknown Precept – pre-order direct from the label.

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