Where Sneaker Social Club may have once been pretenders to the throne of hardcore, or possibly court jesters experimenting with breaks, it is now time to arrange their coronation. In a busy five years they have re-released and reimagined the legendary Brothers Grimm, 2 Bad Mice and Foul Play, all the while nurturing their own uproar of hardcore talent. Artists such as Dead Man’s Chest, Etch and Low End Activist have all plotted their own lines of flight on the continuum, making fascinating and fissile connections between grime, garage and jungle.

But the label’s heart is in hardcore, and they are wearing it on their sleeve with this latest release, a compilation called Evident Ware 1.0. Regulars Etch and Dream Cycle are joined by a who’s who of breaks’n’bass badduns: Christoph De Babalon, Peder Mannafelt, Forest Drive West, Clouds. It’s possibly their most austere release to date. Where chinks of light shone through before, the holes have been plugged with dreadful dark matter. Our selection by ELLLL kidnaps a Cumbia-esque panpipe melody and straps it to a 150bpm electric chair, its melancholy refrain whimpering with every shock. This is unhappy hardcore for furrowed brows and pilly frowns.

Accompanied by the sage liner notes of Oli Warwick, Sneaker Social Club are highly aware of their precarious position in time and space: “Is this the sound of the future or of the past coming back to haunt us?” The answer, obviously, is both.

Evident Ware 1.0 is out November 6th on Sneaker Social Club | Pre-order here

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