All Centre goes about its business quietly. Based out of London, the DJ Pitch and Simkin-helmed label slowly built a back catalogue overflowing with sonic curiosities and electronic innovation. Quality over quantity, we’ve witnessed released from the likes of Lara Sarkissian and BFTT, but they’re no strangers to propping up emerging talent.

Take Emaenuel, whose debut marks a departure from the ambience of the self-released tatu EP in favour of more kinetic climes. A half-time exercise in tension building, the title track plays a bit like some moody broken techno stuck at the wrong speed. With swathes if reverb applied, it sits somewhere somewhere between dubbed-out drum circle and caustic, skeletal workout. Moody electronics for solo-mo dancefloor action.

Contact 7 is out November 6th on All Centre | Pre-order here

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