For those of us that aren’t experts in solar and stellar astrophysics, HOPS 383 is “An Outbursting Class 0 Protostar in Orion.” In even simpler terms, it’s a star in the earliest phase of its development. It’s also the title of a new release from Lisbon’s Extended Records as they turn to local girl EMAUZ for the latest 12″. But if the EMAUZ originals lead you into the volatile environment of a newborn star, Violet‘s remix is an exploration of dense jungle found on the surface of an orbiting planet.

Now residing in London, RBMA grad Violet has gone from soundtracking fashion shows to co-founding semi-regular party, Suspiciously Delicious. Bringing the same unabashed energy and enthusiasm that pervades all Suspiciously Delicious activities, rowdy drums are deployed front and centre on her reworking of ‘1968’. Violet rolls out the congas, peppering the jacking arrangement with insistent hi-hat, snare combos and eerie electronics that demand every ounce of your attention from beginning to end.

HOPS 383 is out today on Extended Records – buy the vinyl and digital direct from the label.

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