Jamal Moss is The Sun God, temporarily shedding his Hieroglyphic Being alias to lead us through the Sacred Valley. Originally unveiled on the now defunct Eargasmic Recordings, this won’t be the first time Moss has reprised the project on Paul du Lac’s label Bio Rhythm label. That said, the two-tracker entitled Same Beings, Same Experiences, Same Worlds marks The Sun God’s return to more spiritually-uplifiting fare following 2013’s comparatively harder-edged The Nine Billion Names Of God EP.

As with a lot of Bio Rhythm material, A-side’s ‘Entopic Phenomena’ is upfront and kinetic, furnished with kicks that thwack with ferocity and a viscous, ever-evolving bass synth motif. Each close listen reveals a new dimension to the low-end groove: sometimes it’s truncated and punchy, others undulating and gurgling, and paired with Moss’ aerated, ambrosial pads, the melodic elements have the power to inspire moments of spiritual inner awareness on the dancefloor.

Same Beings, Same Experiences, Same Worlds is out April 3rd on Bio Rhythm Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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