Reawakening her Eva Geist pseudonym for it’s first release since last November, Berlin-based singer, producer and synthesist Andrea Noce steps up for Fleeting Wax, the label co-owned by Mehmet Aslan and Miajica of Alma Negra. It’s very much an EP of two halves – on one side, a mellifluous dance journey; a dense, tenebrous vocal exploration occupies on the other. The artist on remix duties, San Proper, needs little introduction, as the eccentric misfit with close ties to Rush Hour and Dekmantel transforms the weaving backdrop of Eva’s ‘Blumareciano’ into a pulsating specious techno bedrock for her Nordic pop vocals to sit upon.

The cover art conjures up Ghibli-esque dense, alien looking forests that wouldn’t look out of place in Miyazaki’s Naucicaä, and sonically Eva’s B-side ‘Begüm’ fits the bill too. Low slung at a 100bpm speed the track begins with deep growling bass, and hollowed out synthesis that fizzes and pops in the undergrowth. As hi-hats hiss like vipers from the canopy, Eva’s vocal manipulations call out from the dark like mysterious forest fauna with a wide variety of effects applied to each interjection as a tightly distorted and ring modulated melody almost acts in place of a snare. Atop this tightly woven soundscape Geist’s ethereal calls of ‘Begüm’ ring out with haunting melody and heavily delay trailed bleeps dance below it.

Eva Geist’s Blumareciano EP is out September 11th on Fleeting Wax – pre-order the vinyl here.

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