LA label Motion Ward show no signs of losing intrigue with their first release of 2020; Furi, the imprint’s latest offering, is an outstanding collection of solo and co-produced recordings from the Berlin-based Exael and Arad Acid. With 6 distinctive sonic excursions, these artists merge their talents to great effect across an assorted 12″.

The inaugural swell of collaborative cut ‘Upward Spiral’ propels the combined efforts of these hazy purveyors into swirling, cosmological territory. Ambient swathes of sound are propelled into a rhythmic rise and fall thanks to the eccentric, underlying drum pattern, which is intricately woven throughout. It’s quite the hallucinatory experience: each moment of soothing clarity is matched by the disjointed, confusing nature of a waking dream.

Fans of recent Motion Ward output are sure to avoid disappointment – well-trodden introspective soundscapes are laid out, albeit with more than enough nuance to justify multiple listens.

Furi is out March 13th on Motion Ward | Pre-order here

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