Over in Berlin the nascent XPQ? label is simmering along nicely – just one record in and they’ve already recruited a stellar cast as ambient heads Huerco S., uon, and Naemi contributed to inaugural release, Ghostside the Drift. The followup maintains those high standards too as Naemi goes solo to deliver woozy, acidic, free-form techno as Exael.

Dioxippe is made up of tunes recorded in Chicago between 2014 and 2016 in a period Naemi describes as the moment they had “finally been able to absorb the language of techno.” From that point on Exael has been making the sounds work for them, moulding the record around a big techno banger: ‘cyl reedit’ is the pounding rendezvous, and our pick of the bunch.

With a self-proclaimed “fuckall attitude to genre,” essentialism and structure, the record is challenging, but more importantly it’s a welcome provocation to traditional concepts in techno. This is music for those who chase the beauty in the dysfunctional; the ones that find rebellion in the complicated textures. Dioxippe divines at the alchemical – a raw assemblage of corroded pads, frantic rhythms, and mercurial grooves, that at times, really does strike gold.

Dioxippe is out June 21st on XPQ? – pre-order here.

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