Days of Being Wild have a reputation for releasing music that borrows heavily from new wave, industrial, post-punk and the like. Fairmont has a tendency to release music that traverses decade and style, dipping into those aforementioned genres from time to time to build his own distinctive palette. With that in mind, you’d think this coming together of like-minded souls was inevitable as the Canadian artist rolls out two original cuts for the label, accompanied by remixes from Heretic and Samuel Berdah.

Where Fairmont’s austere original gradually unfolds to expose layer upon layer of hypnotic synth, the Heretic remix fills the negative space with breaks so razor-sharp they’ll lacerate your eardrums. Instead, an elasticated synth arpeggio is pushed into the limelight, augmented with a furious backbone that drags ‘Obsidian’ into even more turbulent territory. Don’t worry though – none of that spine-tingling eeriness is lost in transition.

WILD042 is out on March 7th. Keep an eye on the label’s Facebook page for further updates.

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