Krym Mryk might find itself on the frontline of an ongoing military crisis, but supporting music of Ukrainian and Russian origin, the Crimean label demonstrates how music has the ability to to transcend political agendas, social circumstances and cultural boundaries. Nowhere is this more apparent than the label’s fourth outing: a seven-track affair, KMV02 pulls together material from local talent, St Petersburg, Moscow and the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. Russia’s Pavel Milyakov (AKA Buttechno) to Ukrainian techno mainstay Stanislav Tolkachev, the impending release aligns itself with the ethos of Gost Zvuk and Udacha, labels already committed to pushing forward-thinking electronics from that part of the world irregardless of borders.

Putting out music best described as off-kilter, Evgenii Fadeev’s strange distillations of electronic music are well-suited to the experimental tendencies of Stas Karpenkov’s label. His various aliases increasingly familiar with followers of 12th Isle, Muscat and the aforementioned Gost Zvuk label, Fadeev has assumed his Flaty moniker to serve up the cut premiering below. Drawing from the ever-intriguing waters of library music for some sonic inspiration, ‘Charfrog’s lopsided, oddball house continues in a similar vein to his excellent AEM Rhythm Cascade release, Litie.

KMV02 is out January 20th on Krym Mryk – pre-order the vinyl here.

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