The fifth release from Disques Flegon sees label-bosses and Rinse France regulars DJ Stalingrad, Greita, and Cebrak 2000 assemble for the first time as a three-piece hybrid dance band picking up props from Parisian tastemakers like Antinote’s Zaltan.

Extra Twist is a neo-noir choose-your-own-adventure. Split into five cuts, and set against the sputtering neons and creeping smog of the under-cities of tomorrow, the whole record revels in a tightly constructed aesthetic, underpinned by that classicly gallic penchant for funky house of the near future.

Seeing the band fulfil all the frantic promise of the A-side in a proper set-piece showcase of the project’s potential, ‘Intruder On The Loose (Private Mix)’ is the most energetic offering. The tune stalks by with purpose, cleverly blending seemingly disparate influences into an unlikely stomper. There’s plenty going on, but the crux of it is a rare ability to transport familiar sounds into unfamiliar settings. Flegon will wrap you up in retro-futuristic nostalgia, and before you know it, have you jacked into a strange world, twisting out cyber dreams on shrouded streets under artificial skies

Extra Twist is out November 29th on Disques Flegon – pre-order here

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