Quick off the mark for 2019, Flora FM (real name Taylor Hawkins) sets the pace with Mycelination – a new 4-track EP and latest offering from the newborn TerraFirm label.

Drawing inspiration from the rich techno heritage of nearby Detroit, the Pittsburgh imprint describes itself as an interplanetary conglomerate – an identity that leans towards the afro-futurist mythology manifested by Drexciya, the pseudoscience of Dopplereffekt, and corporate acronymy of Arpanet. Continuing the Motor City legacy, TerraFirm eschews the traditional and terrestrial for a more ‘extra’ approach to their mission statement.

Mycelination plays up to the fiction, the name alluding to some form of intercellular or interstellar process. Now living in Seattle, Flora FM interprets this concept, synthesising a biodiverse ecosystem of interconnected sound forms and self-replicating beats. Triggered drum formations coalesce with filtered synths, rippling the subsurface oceans of a distant moon (‘Wave Station’). Higher density rhythms form, self-propagating with a trace amount of heavier percussive elements (‘Dematerialize’). On the flip, percussive exercises in auditory-signalling use vox squarks to introduce an element of fauna to the flora (‘Melon Squabbles’). In case of gravitational collapse, hyperbolic strings and chord stabs add some aerodynamic lift (‘Crushed Blue M-Bag’), holding us in orbit, before the rave-breaks bring us back down to Earth – landing our dancing feet firmly on the ground.

Mycelination is out January 14th on TerraFirm – pre-order direct from the label.

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