Kalahari Oyster Cult brings forth more distinct and decent movement, holding steadfast in its rapid stream of stimulating, taut-but-trippy electronics. It seems only lately that Rey Colino’s label released a comprehensive, explorative compilation celebrating their tenth release, and yet four EPs have sauntered nonchalantly out of the stable since – drawn from Urulu, Liluzu (Tambo’s House), DJ Trance/Darwin Chamber, and Erell Ranson.

Flora FM, whose recent release on TerraFirm turned our heads a couple of months back, is behind the next one. Fitting neatly into the fold, the Chaos Light EP is bleepy, springy energy; as in other Kalahari releases a firm rhythmic mainframe belies dreamy electronics; ‘Hallucinogenic Worm’ is ceaseless starship acid, bouncing pings, glissando lazers, a detuned voice drowned in delay; ‘Chrome Grass’ whips up breathless, Bebey-esque vocal into tribal energy, edged with Network tweaks.

Ours is ‘Insist On You (Brain Mix)’; the machine awakes, a plectrum scratching out an agitated, phasing rhythm, mingling with spurts of steam-like hi-hat and a zapping spring reverb. In the background droid beeps and chime runs keep it light, and everything locks into place like a Bigeneric/B12 stopwatch. A leaning, sighing synth adds misty eyed utopian optimism to the mix, but it’s still upbeat and chirpy. It’s gentle, digital trippiness with a more solid drive; steeped in IDM, progressive house, and old Warp – somewhere between Interactive Test, Peacefrog and Superstition’s ‘The Spacefrogs’.

The Chaos Light EP is out April 15th on Kalahari Oyster Cult – pre-order direct from the label.

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