Occupying the same fertile soil as the slew of Aarhus-based labels currently making waves, Denmark’s ØEN REC. line up their very first vinyl release. Having previously featured artists such as Ebende and Red Rosa, the label look to one of the Aarhus cohort in Regelbau‘s Forte who follows up his debut album Teche with an exquisitely textured four-tracker.

Placing emphasis on sound design and structure, Away has a lot to offer, whether it’s ‘Night Bay’s spooky plinks, the slow chug of ‘Untamed’ or pan pipes on B1’s ‘Dancer’. EP opener ‘Indu’ conjures up a bustling soundscape of fizzing synths and clonking woodblocks as smooth sine waves mask industrial samples working away in the background. The rounded bass leads ushers in new elements as clicking hi-hats battle against lush pads and forest-like interjections begin peer out from an undergrowth of synths, hanging low to the floor like fog akin to Angelo Badalamenti at his most haunting.

Away is out December 8th on ØEN REC. – pre-order the vinyl here.

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